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Touchcode received once again international award

Just a few weeks after Touchcode has been recognized with the prestigious Technology Innovation Award hosted by Wall Street Journal, Printechnologics received once again an amazing honor for its work. The Touchcode technology has recently been awarded from the “home of technology innovators” with the Silicon Valley Award as “Best Technology Innovation in Mobile” during the Silicon Valley Conference, taken place from October, 31 - November, 1, in Santa Clara| California. Bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders from the Silicon Valley and the world, the conference and award were initiated to celebrate the technology revolution the epicenter of innovation has created in the past 30 years.

Even more, Touchcode Technology has been reward as one of the three finalists for the SESAMES Award in the “Mobility” category. The SESAMES Awards, given on Monday Evening, 5th of November, represent an unrivalled seal of approval in innovation and are regarded as global standards for card manufacturers and related industries, honoring the most innovative professionals in fields of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions and contactless technologies.

It is amazing how Touchcode`s awareness increased that quickly and dynamically within the last two or three months”, stated Sascha Voigt, CEO and founder Printechnologics. “After signing license agreements with leading companies in field of gaming as well as with consumer goods companies we currently work on strong, innovative and impressive products to push further market entries and set up Touchcode as new communication standard.”

Touchcode: 2012 Gold Winner | Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award

Yesterday, Touchcode was awarded with the Technology Innovation Award of Wall Street Journal, highlighting technological breakthroughs and innovations which are revolutionary.

Printechnologics is the overall Gold winner of this year`s Awards, presenting the most innovative solution given by America`s most read newspaper. Moreover, Touchcode has won the Wireless category for enabling a seamless connection between off- and online. For the first time in the entire history of the Award a German company was awarded as “Gold Winner”.

During the Awards, the Wall Street Journal received 536 applications from more than two dozen countries. An independent panel of judges evaluates 172 preselected and chose the winners and runners-up. On that framework, they awarded Printechnologics and its Touchcode technology as 2012 Gold winner.

Even more, Printechnologics is listened as one of the three finalists for the Sesames Awards within the category Mobility. The Sesames reward the most innovative professionals in field of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions and contactless technologies. The Awards will be presented during a ceremony on the eve of the opening of Cartes, the world leading smart technology event for Security, Payment, Identification and Mobility.

Last but not least the German Printing Industry nominates Touchcode for its International Technology Print Award, recognizing technology developers in printing industry. This Award will be given after an international online voting, taken place from October 25th to November 7th. Votes may be cast on

kicker releases two Touchcode applications just within one month

Chemnitz, Germany – 10. September 2012 – Just one month after publishing their first Touchcode application, the German publishing house Olympia releases a second project. Similar to the first one – realized successfully early August – Olympia publishes one of their special kicker editions, called “Champions League”, with a bonus card enclosed in the printed item. By offering this bonus card with an embedded Touchcode, readers get immediately access to an exclusive iPad version of the magazine for € 1,59.
It is amazing that Olympia uses Touchcode within this short time a second time for their promotional purposes”, stated Sascha Voigt, CEO Printechnologics. “We are really pleased about their decision which confirms once again the innovative potential of Touchcode.

Printechnologics technology powers Nukotoys’ award-winning card series

Chemnitz, Germany – July 24, 2012Printechnologics, today’s leading technology developer of printed functionalities, announced that Nukotoys, a Silicon Valley-based toy company, leveraged Touchcode technology to create two series of collectible cards that are anticipated for U.S. release later this summer. In February, the card series – titled Monsterology and Animal Planet: Wildlands – won Parenting Magazine’s “Best in Play” award at Toy Fair 2012. This month, the cards won VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2012 startup tablet competition.

“By integrating Printechnologics` Touchcode technology, Nukotoys is able to seamlessly link the Monsterology and Animal Planet games to online content – offering a completely new experience,” said Sascha Voigt, CEO at Printechnologics. “We’re very proud to provide the technology for these next-generation playing cards that merge the physical and virtual worlds of game play.” 

Trendsetting Impulses for the future of print

This year`s drupa - held from may 3 – 16 in Dusseldorf - sent out key impulses for the future of the print and media industry. Called “Trade Fair of Innovations and Investments”, the trade show presented future-orientated solutions, especially in field of digital printing and printed functionalities. 

As part of Heidelberg`s Innovation Gallery, Printechnologics` Touchcode gained great attention during the whole trade show. Visitors were encouraged to experience the Touchcode technology by themselves. Therefore Heidelberg and Printechnologics jointly developed a demo set displaying the innovative technology and different application opportunities. Moreover attendees were invited to learn more about printed functionalities in Printechnologics` presentation in Drupa Cube. However, in both cases feedback was highly positive so Printechnologics already received international inquiries and partnership requests.

“Together with Heidelberg we have shown that working solutions for printed functionalities are already existing today. New technologies like Touchcode open up numerous opportunities to enhance printed media and drive to a new age where off- and online act as a unit. We are really pleased about the cooperation with Heidelberg, the successful trade show and we are looking forward to further the evolution of printed products.” 

(Sascha Voigt, CEO Printechnologics)

Printechnologics takes part at drupa (May 3 – 16)

Printechnologics is going to display its Touchcode technology in cooperation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen at this year`s drupa – “Heart and engine of the printing and media industry” (Monika Kissing, Press Department drupa 2012). Drupa is the largest equipment exhibition, held every four years in Düsseldorf, gaining tremendous attention with near 400.000 visitors from over 54 countries.

Printechnologics will present its unique Touchcode in Heidelberg`s Innovation Gallery in Hall 1. Attendees are encouraged to test the technology by themselves. Therefore Heidelberger and Printechnologics developed a Demo-Kit displaying the innovative technology. While an iPad App demonstrates different use cases, a Web App shows how Touchcode can be easily used within a website and provides visitors with additional information about drupa and Heidelberg.

Printechnologics awarded again

After being honored two times at the Printed Electronics in Berlin in early April, Printechnologics was awarded again for its innovative Touchcode at the EURO ID Berlin on 24th April. The European AutoID Award is given for Touchcode as a technology which represents a driving force of innovation in future markets.

“This award encourages us again being on the right track with our vision and approach”, stated Sascha Voigt, CEO. “The third award within one month proves the potential of the technology and its increasing market enforcement and diffusion. We are very excited about it – a feat for which I would like to thank the entire Printechnologics team.”


Is the Touchcode technology patented?

Yes. Printechnologics has more than 35 international patent families, dividing into more than 100 regional patents. They cover various areas from other inventions to Touchcode related production process and materials. Some are granted and others are pending.

Is the Touchcode invisible?

Yes. The Touchcode will not be visible to the end user since it will be hidden under a layer of color or between paper (for example in a folded package).

Is the Touchcode recyclable?

Yes, the Touchcode is 100% recyclable. 

How robust are the Touchcodes?

The Touchcodes are as robust as the substrates it is printed on. It can resist bending, temperature changes, liquids, electromagnetic fields or vibration. If the substrate is (heavily) damaged then the Touchcode will be very likely damaged as well. To read the Touchcode, it has to lay flat on the multitouch screen.

How secure is the Touchcode?

The Touchcode is invisible and hard to copy or modify. Touchcode offers great advantages compared to established technologies like chip-card, RFID, Magnetic strips, barcodes or holograms.

Does the Touchcode need special reading devices?

No. The Touchcode works on most capacitive multitouch screens like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows mobile, Android phones and tablet PCs as well as touch screen terminals. There is no change in hardware necessary. Touchcode works with many existing devices.

Which applications are possible?

In general Touchcode enables a seemless transition from offline to online media covering most applications that involve printed products. Furthermore Touchcode enables online products to use real life media for the first time in an intuitive way.

  • Online shopping and coupons
  • Location based marketing 
  • Loyalty programs
  • Games 
  • Product guides
  • Publishing and media
  • Brand protection / product verification
  • Customer surveys and automated subscriptions
  • and many more...

      On which substrates can the Touchcode be printed on?

      The Touchcode can be printed on paper, cardboard, film or label materials. Most substrates that are suitable for a mass print process are very likely to work with Touchcode. However, Printechnologics will test specific product related materials to ensure a high quality of the Touchcode technology.

      Is always an application (app) required?

      Touchcode can be read by Apps and Webapps.

      Can one code be used for multiple apllications?

      Yes, one code can be reused for different applications. Furthermore the content of the application can be changed at any time.

      Is it possible to set a time limit for the campaign?

      Yes. Each campaign can be limited by time, number of accesses or other campaign relevant features by the software/ application or database.

      Is an Internet connection nescessary?

      Not always. It depends on the content of the application. The content can be either part of the application itself or can be accessed via internet.

      How can I use Touchcode as a company?

      As a company, you acquire a license from Touchcode for use on the respective product. The company, and also its agencies or printing companies, then receive all the necessary information and support from Printechnologics in order to develop Touchcode products.

      Will the Touchcode be printed by Printechnologics?

      No. The Touchcode will be printed by the customer’s printer. Printechnologics only licenses the Touchcode and enables its customers and service partners to create and handle Touchcode applications.
      However Printechnologics will assist in any of these steps if necessary.

      Is the Touchcode technology ready for market?

      Yes! The Touchcode technology is available for licensing and production.
      We offer demo kits to evaluate Touchcode applications, as well as the SDK (software development kits) to create applications with Touchcode right away.