A print story that includes its own video?

  • makes printed material interactive
  • is invisible and does not affect the design of your product
  • facilitates audio book samples, music videos, band portraits, links to e-commerce directly from your printed product
  • guidance for using TouchCode as Media Publisher
  • step 1: holding a smartphone on the TouchCode paper

Why new publications can now introduce themselves:

Books, magazines and journals are given the possibility of storing audio files, music videos, further documentaries, reports and background information electronically and enabling the customer to download them. The printed product and a smartphone are all it takes to install brief summaries of new musical performances, present portraits of authors and bands or to play samples of audio books. With Touchcode, existing business models are not simply extended; entirely new ones are made possible in the first place. Interactive advertising, user tracking and the direct linking to your e-commerce section are no longer dreams of the future, but rather reality.

step 2: view video or other media on the smartphone

Suitable for certification of authenticity and interactive enhancement of:

  • Print advertisements
  • (Customer) magazines
  • CD booklets
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues